Get a full analysis of your Content-Security-Policy, and understand how to easily improve it:

Client-Side CSP Security Posture

  • CSP Protection
  • CSP Reporting
  • CSP Validity
  • Strong CSP Protection
  • Strong CSP Protection
  • Strong CSP Protection
  • Medium CSP Protection

Content Security Policy (CSP) Scanner

CSP Scanner helps developers and security experts to easily inspect and evaluate a site’s Content Security Policy (CSP), and understand wether it serves as a strong mitigation against client-side attacks like XSS, Clickjacking, Formjacking, Data Exfiltration and more.

The tool is built combining years of cumulative best practice with the Content-Security-Policy technology and how to most effectively block client-side attacks.

The tool may suggest a Grade / Score / Tips / Bypasses to a presented CSP.

If you are looking to automate the deployment of Content-Security-Policy (CSP), the recommendations suggested by this tool, along with other important security controls (SameSite, Security headers), you can use